I've never much cared for the side moldings that GM puts on these cars. They typicaly don't match the paint color very well, and are usually not clear coated well, if at all. Not to mention they hold water after you wash it and are a pain in the ass waxing around. :)

I've seen a couple of pics where people have pulled the moldings off and I liked how much more clean it makes the car look, so I decided to do it too!

The method I had heard is to take some fishing line and use it sort of like dental floss between the strip and the door, I did this to get it started and after I had enough free to grab onto I used a long 'snap off' style utility knife to cut the tape. If you take your time you wont hurt the paint or strip. Once you have the strip off the remaining tape will roll away from the body with your thumb very easily.

Click any pic to see a larger version. Enjoy!

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