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I've created this site with the hopes of passing along to others like myself, a pure car audio hobyist, that you CAN compete with something you've installed yourself. That you DON'T have to lay out several hundred if not thousands dollars on top of what you paid for your equipment to put together something that looks halfway descent. And that you can take that work and pride to a show and meet people just like yourself, that you can teach things you have learned to them and they can teach you things in return.

Having dispenced with the babbeling, on with the business! Here's my girl! A 1994 Pontiac Firebird, forrest green, t-tops, and 600 watts (as loaded) of power that pumps out levels approaching 140db. Of course the goal of IASCA is to have a realistic sounding system that produces the most accurate 'illusion' of listening to live musicians as possible, along with having an install that will remain intact and functioning at peak performance as long as possible.

I've always taken part in as many aspescts of my installs as possible as a hobby. Clicking on the links to the left will load pages containing images and captions pulled directly from my past and present install log books, which IASCA competitors must have at install judging time.
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