I don't believe I had the bird 2 days before I started installing. Having had a self-built competition system in my 1989 Beretta that I had before the bird, I felt I was fairly skilled.. hoooo boy did I come a long way from 1996 to 1998. Click on the pic to see more detailed information about any given area of the install.
Amp Rack
I attempted a semi-stealth amprack.. complete with cover. I couldnt locate any tan carpet that matched the factory carpet so I went with black. The excuse used was it was an intentional clash on the tan in the hatch like the black on tan pontiac put on the doors.. *smirk*

The bird inherited a Clarion 9175 from the Beretta. Pretty basic install, simple metra kit, no real spice to it. This page also shows how I mounted the Petras Bass Processor control a.k.a. 'The SillyKnob'.

Drivers Side Speakers
This page shows your basic needs to please the IASCA install judges when it comes to showing all speaker termination. So I got a little picture happy, sue me. :)

Passengers Side Speakers
Pretty much a mirror image of the drivers side pictures...

Back in the day I swore up and down that if I put a set of horns in my car all of my imaging worries would go away... Pfft, little did I know that it took more than just hanging them under the dash and hooking them up. But I did get crafty at making them blend in with the dash, except that I used vinyl that had like 3 feet of polyfill glued to the back of it.

The Subs
I was pretty proud of this box, I was talked into trying a trio of 10's that needed 3 cubic feet ported and I came up with this monster. While the way I wired it was in question (it did tend to blow the sub that the amp fed into) it managed to hit pretty good. And it only took about 8 full sheets of MDF to build!!

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